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Christian Formation

2020-2021 CCD Information


"Parents have the unique responsibility for the education of their children;
they are the first educators or catechists.They teach by their witness of the faith,
through their values and attitudes, by their Christian example of love for Christ
and his church. When children are baptized, parents accept the responsibility
to raise their children in the practice of the faith..."

(National Directory for Catechesis 234-235)
Contact: Jess Johnston,
Director of Religious Education

CCD classes are held on Sunday mornings for 45 minutes during the
school year. These classes are held at St. Jude
and also at Immaculate Conception. The Catechists (Religion Teachers)
follow the Diocesan curriculum based on grade level expectations.
Lessons are planned just as in other academic subjects,
and weekly attendance is required.



Adults interested in becoming members of the Catholic Church participate
in a program called RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults).
St. Jude Parish and Immaculate Conception Parish conduct a joint RCIA program.
The RCIA includes unbaptized individuals preparing for baptisim in the
Catholic Church as well as baptized Christians interested in coming
into full communion with the Catholic Church.

The program includes teaching, worship and prayer for a period of a year or more.
The participants are helped along their spiritual journey by a
sponsor and the support of the parishioners.

Contact: Bob Weiner
Phone: 540-854-4115